Sophia Lane McKenna

Born 6:56 PM, March 14, 2005
8 lbs. 7 oz., 20 in.

Sophia Lane McKenna at prep station Sophia Lane McKenna with her parents Sophia Lane McKenna in a cute hat Sophia Lane McKenna profile Sophia Lane McKenna smiling

Everything old is new again.

More pictures are available on Sara's website


Amy, Stephen, Sophia, congratulations!

Congratulations! She's beautiful. Love the last pic where she's already smiling for the camera!

Ok Guys, I change my opinion from the other night... after looking at Sophia's side profile, I've decided that she looks like Aim... well, she looks like both of you, but I can definitely see Amy there. I can't wait to see her and you again.



Congrats, Amy and Stephen! She is beautiful!

mazel tov! She's wicked awesome dudes! And she's got her wink on in that last picture...she must know something we don't.

Sophia, welcome to the world! Time to get your blog on: Day 1, tired from the move.

I LOVE my niece. Who wouldn't love that chubby monkey?!!

Hello Sophia!

Congrats Amy and Stephen!

Hi Sophia! Keep smiling for your proud Mommy and Daddy!

Hi, Sophia! Welcome to the world. You're a lucky girl -- you got a great set of parents!

What fun to see and HOLD the new Sophia. Beautiful Baby. (Unprejudiced) Great Grandpa Andy

Sophia is a beautiful creation of the two of you! I love the name and I am so happy for you both. Wonderful to hear everyone is doing well.
My love to you all!

Congratulations, Amy and Stephen!
She's just beautiful, but she would have to be, have you seen her parents! I wish you both (wait - I mean, the three of you!) warm and happy memories of your new little family!
Tracy V.

Amy and Stephen,
WOWOWOW!! Sophia is a beautiful blessing for you from God!!
I can't wait to get my hands on her and give hugs all around!!
much love,

Hey, congratulations Stephen and Amy!!!
Sophia looks amazing!!! Katie and I wish her and you well with your new adventure. :)


John & Katie

Ciao a tutti!!!! Congratulazioni!!!!Sto molto felice per voi!!! Non posso aspettare a vedere la bambina!!!!!!
Tanti bacioni da Firenze!!!
Love, Chelsea

Congratulations, you three!

Amy, I remember talking about kids in junior high think that you have a baby now is amazing! Does this mean that we are adults?! Well, anyhow....I am so happy for you guys and I can't wait to meet Sophia!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for this website - I feel like I have been part of the whole process.....well, maybe not the conception part :P

Love, best wishes, fondest thoughts, hopes and dreams,



Congrads to you Amy and Stephen and give Sophia kisses for me. How did you ever get such an eye winking smile out of such a very brand new Sophia? That is a priceless photo. I Look forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

Hooray! Amy and Stephen, Sophia is lovely and amazing! Best wishes, Linette and Mark

Wonderful news!!! Your world is changing like you've never imagined... :)

Wonderful news!!! Your world is changing like you've never imagined.

Wonderful news!!! Your world is changing unimaginabley... :)



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