1 Hour Photo

daily dose prints

I love my hosting provider (MediaTemple). They're majorly upgrading their shared server packages, which means that we will now have 10x the space we used to have. 5 whole gigs!

Now that we can stretch our legs out, we will begin posting 4x6 print quality pictures with the daily dose. We're very excited to be able to make our photographs accessible for others to print.


Hip Hip Hurrah!

You have the Pro account or the Advanced? Cause I think it's only 2GB...either way...thats f'n awesome.

I had the mid level plan, so I think I'm supposed to get upgraded to the advanced package. It's a bit confusing since they are moving from 3 packages to 2. If it ends up being the 2GB I may have to remove photos after a few years unless they keep upgrading their plans.



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