Right from the start of our pregnancy, Stephen and I knew we wanted a medication-free, natural birth experience. In preparation for this daunting feat, we took a ten-week Bradley Method Class taught by Isabelle Yingling. There were eight pregnant couples in the class, and we had a lot of fun bonding over those ten weeks--comparing aches and pains, sharing prenatal tips, and anticipating the births of our wee ones. This afternoon, at our class reunion, we got to catch up with one another and meet seven little cutie pies (Sandy, Bill, and Baby Ruth, we missed you!).

Bradley Babies, Spring 2005

The Bradley Baby Spring 2005 Lineup, from left to right: George Berry, Mackenzie Pfefferkorn, Sophia McKenna, Clara Thomas, Ford Bertram, Morgan Powers, and Anneliese Moore. (4x6 print format)

Isabelle Yingling and Sophia McKenna

Isabelle Yingling and Sophia McKenna (4x6 print format)



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