Hello Tooth!

In case I haven't told you yet (I am pretty excited, so it's likely you've heard about it ten times already), Little Miss Sophia Lane cut her first tooth this week! It's the bottom right one, and it's soooo sharp. Like a little razor blade—so sharp that she popped one of her chewy toys, which we are hoping and assuming just had water in it, since she most likely sucked some of it down before we found it lying in a puddle on her play mat. Cutting the first tooth wasn't as horrific as I imagined it would be. It happened over a couple days and didn't disturb her sleep too much (thank you pharma gods for baby Motrin).

Along with the tooth, Sophia also learned how to wave hello and bye-bye today. It's a very cute little princess wave with some great twirly whirly wrist action. I'm not sure why all of a sudden she decided it was time to start waving, but my theory is that my good friend Kristine Nash-Wong and her sweetie pie 5-year-old James taught her how to do it at lunch when I wasn't looking. :)

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Ooh! That's so exciting!! Sophia is such talented and advanced little girl!



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