Last night Sophia went to sleep like a sweet little angel. I nestled her into her crib, tucked her bunny under her arm, and tiptoed out of her room quiet as a mouse. Ah, silent, peaceful, sleeping baby. With Sophia down for the night, I started to go about some last-minute holiday preparations. About an hour-and-a-half into her reverie, she started to cry, which didn't phase me much because she often cries out in her sleep and then goes right back to la-la land. And, sure enough, she was quiet again after a minute or two. Back to work. An hour later, she cried out again. And then back to sleep. Same thing thirty minutes later. I started to wonder why she was having such a hard time settling. Maybe she's teething? Maybe she has a poop in her diaper? Maybe...who knows! I told myself that if she cried out again before I headed to bed, I'd go check on her. And she did, so I kept my promise and went in to see what was up.

Sophia was wide awake and not going back to sleep anytime soon, so I got her up, changed her into a dry diaper, and nursed her for a bit (the fail-safe method for inducing zzz's). As I was nursing her, my hand bumped against an oddly shaped hard lump on her back. Hmmm...what could that be? I unzipped her, slipped my hand under her pj's, and pulled out...her hairbrush. Um, not sure how she managed that one, but I found out why she wasn't sleeping well. The Princess And The Hairbrush. :)


i want to know what she was doing with a hair brush since she hardly has any hair?

What was the hairless wonder doing with a hairbrush, you ask? Why, chewing on it, naturally!

Bob and Larry would be proud of Sophia!
Merry Christmas to you and your charming daughter!



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