Sophia Takes A Stand

Last weekend, Sophia decided it was time to figure out how to sit up from a lying down position and then pull up to standing. We were very excited about her new development; the only negative feature being that she decided to practice this in her crib during naptime. So, for the past week, there has been a whole lot of standing in the crib and not a whole lot of sleeping. We thought she'd be a tired wreck, but the adrenaline rush she gets from her new skill has kept her hoppin'.

Today marked day seven of the naptime standing routine, and we were prepared for another struggle. When we put Sophia in her crib, she popped right up and didn't want to lie down. So we left her there to see if she'd eventually wear herself out enough to zonk. About 10 minutes later, when we didn't hear any noise coming from her bedroom, we snuck a peak. Here's what we found...

Sophia's Slouchy Sleep


I seem to recall that position from a bygone day.

Wow. That looks really uncomfortable.

She must have been sooooo tired. Yeah standing is good for babies!

Oooh! Pretzel baby. That girl has quite the flexibiltiy.

this is so cute! totally made me laugh.
hope you guys are doing well! i'll send a charlotte update soon to ya, amy. :)



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