On the first birthday-eve
the baby freshly-bathed pink and rosey
waiting to be snuggled into her warm pajamas
in anticipation of a bedtime story
and a cuddle and a kiss
before drifting into slumber
notices the glisten
in her mother's eye
and meets her gaze
with a knowing smile
as if to say
I'll always be
your baby.

We love you, Sophia Lane. It's been a wonderful first year!

Kiss Kiss,
Mommy and Daddy


4x6 print format


What a big girl!!!! I wish I was there to give her a big birthday smoochy!

all I can say is... wow...

Happy Birthday lil' Munchkin! You're growing so fast... love you, linds

Happy Birthday Sophia! We love you!

Happy Birthday, Sophia Lane! You are looking very grown up in your first year portrait. Love you lots. Grandma & Grandpa

She really is looking so grown-up! Happy birthday Sophia and give Mommy and Daddy smooches. Love, Sarah

can you bottle her cuteness up and ship it down to charlotte?

congrats you two, and happy birthday beautiful sophia!




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