The child ran--I tell you, it was really so far from walking
That we must call it running.
She bounded bouncily with toothbrush in hand
From the bathroom
(Where we were supposed to be brusha-brushing)
To the back door
Where Daddy with hat in hand
Was preparing to make an evening exit
Dutifully back to work for the second time today
And Daughter would have nothing of it
Without a snuggle or two or three
So she ran--I tell you, it's the first time she took so swiftly away
Leaving Mommy in a puff of twinkly fairy dust
While racing to hug dear Daddy's knee.


awwwwwww! That's so sweet.

Beautiful poem! I'm grabbin' the hankie. So proud of Miss Walkie Walkerson.

Are you trying to make me cry at work?! What a sweetheart... I am so proud of our big girl!



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