Until I had a kid I had no idea what it was like to get hit on. Strangers saying cheesy one liners, attempting to gain attention long enough to have a brief conversation and a long glance at the babe. It's awkward and uncomfortable, but I prefer the idea of old ladies pandering to my daughter than a bunch of teenage boys. Here's a few unique pickup lines:

On our way home from dinner at Old Siam in the WestGate Shopping Center:

"Did you get that at TJ Maxx?" (TJ Maxx was behind us)

At Wholefoods:

"So, you need to bring food to the grocery store?" (referring to the crackers we had brought to feed Sophia in the shopping cart)
"I have a baby too--he's 55 years old!" (um, Sophia is a girl, but OK)

At the Mall:

"Here's my baby!" (old woman pointing to her walker and referring to our stroller)


Way to get the GILFs, cougar hunter.

Those don't even come close to the best pick-up line of all time said to me: "Do you want an onion ring?" There are so many things wrong with that line, I don't even no where to begin...

Sara, are you sure that wasn't just your waiter?

Sure it was my waiter, if waiters sit at the bar with a friend eating onion rings while coming up from behind and tapping me on the shoulder to offer me one from their own plate...



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