I went to my hairstylist this weekend to get my usual 1/8" buzz cut. I've been going to her because she's hot and her salon is convientently located in my house. But you know what they say about discount hair salons, "You get what you pay for." And apparently that's what I got. I paid nothing, and nothing is left on my head.

My stylist swears that she attached the cutting guard to the clippers and that it must have fallen off before she started. She ended up shearing a big strip of hair down to the scalp before she realized that the guard was in fact lying by her feet, guarding nothing but the wood floor.

"Oops," is never a good thing to hear from your hair dresser. Especially when it's followed by, "Have you ever been totally bald before?" At least I'll be streamlined for my upcoming triathlon.

Here's the entire haircut story arc from the Calvin & Hobbes strip linked above.



Frankly, you look bad-ass. Who love's ya baby.

I wonder if my head looks like that bald. I am not ready to find out Amy...perhaps I should pay you for my next trim. :-)



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