Sophia has been talking a lot lately. Well, actually it's more like squealing for glee in the loudest, most high-pitched glee-envoking manner possible. Most of her first words, which are typically shouted in her squealing voice, come out like this: "COOOOOK-ie!!!," "CRAAAAA-cker!!!," "CAAAAAAAAAAA!!!," and DAAAAAAAAAA-g!!! (the last two mean "cat" and "dog" respectively; they both demand a particularly loud squeal-fest).


Sophia's favorite animal (other than cat and dog as previously mentioned) is definitely the duck. She has quite a few of them in various forms, but we aren't sure if ducks are her favorite because she is bombarded by them everywhere she looks or if we got her a lot of ducks because she likes them so much--like so many of these baby things, it's all a blur. In any case, Sophia likes to say "duck" ("DUUUUUUUU-ck!!!") and even knows what a duck says, as you can see in this video clip.


that is too funny!!! we are cracking up all over the place!

it's like snow white meets minnie mouse!

umm... i can't stop laughing! it the pterodactyl reincarnated!

i've watched the video clip about 50 more times and it's tooo hilarious!

okay... i've gotta stop... i'm getting a stomach ache from too much laughing.



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