Dare to DAAR

Photo Credits: John Baird under the creative commons license.

Amy and I had a great run this weekend at the Dexter Ann Arbor Run. I finished the half marathon in 1:39:00, improving on my personal record by 2:21. Amy, running her first 10k, finished with a time of 1:00:07. Well within her goal of finishing under 10 minute miles. We're also very proud of all our friends who participated. For those interested in the rest of the race results, have at it.

The weather was optimal for running, a cool 60 degrees and overcast from the rain earlier that morning. I think there may have been a record number of participants this year with almost 2200 finishing just for the half marathon. There were several musical venues throughout the race. My favorites were:

  • At the top of the largest hill of the course, there was a sign reading "Mt. Delhi" and a woman was playing a long horn like in the Ricola commercials.
  • An Elvis era performer
  • A drumming group a mile before the finish that was kicking out some primal beats.

Cheers to Grandma Beth for taking care of Sophia while we ran. That last mile was hard, but would have been much more difficult with an extra 24 lbs. of baby.

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Hooray! Excellent racing! Can't wait for the Kazoo Klassic!



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