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2 months ago I made a big change in my priorities. After a mostly inactive winter, I decided that I needed to make physical fitness and my well being my top goal. My secondary goal being to spend as much time with Amy and Sophia as I can. This meant getting to bed early every night and waking at 6:00 5 times a week for morning workouts.

To keep myself honest about my bedtime, which I am notorious for extending out until the early morning, Amy and I gave ourselves gold stars for each night that we got to bed by 10:30. She, being very dedicated to her sleep, has gotten many more stars than me, but I've taught myself to limit what I do in a night and I'm feeling much more rested because of it.

So far, my training is going quite well. Working out in the morning feels great. It's motivating to take on my toughest challenge of the day before doing anything else. Everything else in the day seems easy in comparison. Also, I treat every workout just like I would an appointment with a doctor, so there are no time conflicts.

Another motivating force has been the ambitious race schedule I've been putting together. This Sunday will mark my first event of the year and will be my 3rd Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon. Hopefully, with my higher level of training this year, I will beat my personal record of 1:41:21. Here's a look at the other events I'm planning on participating in.

Events I've registered for:

  • June 4 - Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon
  • June 11 - Ann Arbor Sprint Triathlon (0.5 mile swim, 14 mile bike, 5 mile trail run)
  • June 18 - Kalamazoo Classic 10k
  • June 25 - Detroit Belle Isle Triathlon (1.5k swim, 23mi. bike, 10k run)
  • July 9 - Grand Haven Olympic Triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run)

Events I'm planning on registering for:

  • August 13 - Sylvania Olympic Triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run)
  • August 26 - Coldwater Mini Triathlon (300yd swim, 6 mile bike, 3 mile run)
  • September - Undecided Triathlon
  • October 1 - Michigan Big 10k Run
  • October 29 - Detroit Marathon


Stephen's dedication and motivation have got me back on the exercise bandwagon too (although not quite to the same extent as him). I've been running 3 times a week, working up to the Dexter-Ann Arbor 10k this weekend. It's my first time doing a race like this, and I have to say it's motivating to have a goal! I'll also be running the 5k with Allison in the Kalamazoo Klassic this month. Yay!

Amy...Be glad you aren't doing the 10K with Steve at the Kalamazoo Klassic. If any of you have ever been to Kalamazoo you know we have some wicked hills here...including the one right in the middle of the 10K. The 5K finishes just below the hill...thank goodness!

I noticed there is no mention of this year's Cannonball Run in your proposed race schedule.

Stephen and Amy I am so proud of you! Could you send some of your workout motivation my way? Good luck and have tons of fun this weekend!

Your mother-in-law has noticed that your overall disposition has improved since you're getting more sleep, exercising, and spending more time with your two sweeties. Run well and safe!



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