SCD Pregnancy Tips

Today I received an email from a woman who is on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) after having had a small bowel resection last year. She is now in remission from Crohn's Disease, and although her doctor proclaims it's because of the surgery, she says my story gives her hope that this diet is a key to recovery.

My new SCD friend shared some concerns about pregnancy and Crohn's Disease. I totally know where she's coming from. It's scary to think about starting a family when you don't know if you'll be feeling good or stuck in the ER. Lots to think about.

Four months into my pregnancy, I'm feeling really great. And I have lots of hope that the SCD will get me through any postnatal hormonal fluctuations. My healthcare team has been supportive about my new diet. Here are a few tips for any women out there on the SCD who are thinking about getting pregnant:

  • SCD-legal prenatal vitamins can be ordered through Kirkman Labs. The product is called Perry Prenatals.
  • If your OB wants you to do a screen for diabetes, don't let the lab give you glucose syrup (sugar water). Request to do the bloodwork 1 hour after a meal instead.
  • Consult with a prenatal nutritionist: bring a week-long food diary; a copy of "Breaking The Vicious Cycle"; the label for your prenatal vitamins; and a nutrition breakdown for almond flour, which you can get from if you ask Lucy for it. My nutritionist helped me make sure I'm getting the right balance for myself and the baby.
  • Check with your birthing hospital to see if they can meet your special dietary needs. If not, plan to bring your own food and find out if there is a fridge you can use.
  • Something I haven't done yet but plan to do: in the last month before your due date, bake a ton of almond flour goodies (if you can tolerate them) and some SCD-legal meals and freeze them. Then you won't have to stress (as much) when you get home from the hospital.

By the way, it's close to 6 months on the SCD, and I'm still feeling splendid! I've had a cold over the past week and my gut didn't act up at all—I'm usually a mess whenever my immune system kicks in, since it starts to work overtime on my gut too. I think a lot of healing has been taking place.


This is a fabulous, encouraging and informative post. I'm relieved and grateful that you are doing so well. The SCD seems like a lot of extra fuss when you're first learning the diet, but not nearly as much fuss as illness and hospitalization would be. It seems like so much to give up, food-wise, but there is so much to gain in delicious new delicacies. I've never been so satisfied with a diet in my life and love having everything homemade. I will post a link to this marvelous post on my blog for my SCD readers.

Great post. I started SCD two months ago while 7 months pregnant. I've been off 6MP for over a month and truthfully this diet is pretty satisfying. Today is my due date and I have great hope that this diet will help minimize any after effects. Now I just need the baby to come! Thanks for sharing your experience and keep on updating! Its so nice to know others are in the same place as you!



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