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Hooray for ultrasound technology! Now we can paint the spare bedroom pink (or at least that's Sophia's vote) and re-use all of Sophia's very girly baby paraphernalia. As Stephen replied to the ultrasound technician when she asked if we had any final questions: "No questions. We know girls."

Grandma Beth stayed with Sophia while Stephen and I went to the baby-viewing appointment on Tuesday morning. When I returned home with the genderific news, Sophia seemed very excited about having a baby sister. We watched the ultrasound video together, which was a cool experience. Although later in the day, she cried out, "I wanted a brother!" So, I think there are some mixed feelings about this baby thing, as to be expected.

Here are a few 20-week pictures of our little Cassidy (with a very verbal 2 year old at home, there's no way to keep the name a secret this time around). We are in love already. And I'm starting to feel many kicks throughout the day. Sophia, Stephen, and Grandma Beth have been able to feel them too!

Here you can see little fingers just above the belly area:


Cassidy's sweet profile. What cute little lips.





Gorgeous! As to be expected!! I can't wait to meet this little one in person! So many exclamation points and they still don't express how happy I am!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Congrats Guys. I can't wait to meet Cassidy either. I love her name.

happy, happy news!!
i can't wait to smoosh her!!

CONGRATS!!!!! I'm so glad you and the little one are doing well! So far things with SCD and post partum are going well! I will keep you updated! I'm so glad you know what you're having and I love the name!
ps- enjoy the kicks, I sort of miss that part!

CONGRATS Amy and Stephen! I am sure Sophia will be a great big sister either way. As long as she does not change her mind again and ask for a dog instead - you should be all set!

take care

Jill SCD Pal



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