I was hoping to have this done sooner, but it's taken longer than I thought to plan out our trip to Madison. For anyone who is coming out to spectate, we've put together our Ironman Wisconsin Itinerary. It also includes resources and maps. We decided to post it to our wiki, so anyone is welcome to add relevant information. We will be updating it as we go along.

We're pretty short on time as we get everything packed to go. I will try to finish my race plan post before the event. Here's a quick status report: My achilles is feeling strong and I'm able to do toe lifts on one foot without pain. My ankle doesn't feel 100% though, so I will be taking care not to re-injure it during the race. My largest concern right now is trying to avoid catching Amy's cold. I'm washing my hands vigilantly, but I may already have it.


Thanks, Steve for the schedule. Wishing all participants and spectators smooth sailing, good health and the ability to get where they need to be in the allotted time, throughout what looks like a fantastic albeit complex weekend. Cheers!


P.S. Thanks for the well thought out itinerary. That's what I do to calm nerves too. :-) Nothing better than a good pad of notebook paper and the internet to gather information to smooth out the rough edges!

Good luck Stephen. Kick some butt for me!



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