I'm almost 29 weeks, so it's clearly time for a Cassidy update. This time around, my pregnancy has flown by. Maybe it's because I'm a mommy to a 2 1/2 year old, and I don't often get down-time to think about the new baby. But all of a sudden my belly is a lot bigger, kicks are much stronger, aches & pains are ever increasing—it's starting to hit me. This is really happening! And I'm beginning to feel as excited as I was when we were expecting Sophia. "What will she look like? What kind of personality will she have? When will I get to meet her?" I've even pulled out my dusty pregnancy books, thinking it would be wise to bone up on the birth process and such. After all, around this time last pregnancy, we had started our Bradley Childbirth Class; had already painted and decorated the baby room; and had even designed the birth announcement. Either we were way ahead last time or we are way behind now. A little of both, I think. At least the spare bedroom is free of extra furniture, so we can start repainting it when we have a chance—in the next 6 weeks, I hope!

My gut has been feeling really great on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). Weight gain had been an initial worry for me, since I only gained 20 lbs with Sophia. But I've already gained 20+ with over 2 months to go, which is right on track. I do find that some days I'm too tired to stand in the kitchen and cook a made-from-scratch meal, as this diet typically requires. Luckily Stephen and Sophia like fried egg sandwiches and tomato soup, so I've always got an easy fallback. Also, I'm learning how to break up the meal-making process into smaller chunks, like cutting up fruits and veggies earlier in the day or assembling a casserole in the morning and baking it in the afternoon. My personality is to do everything at once, but it just tires me out too much right now. Same with exercising. I'm finding that I have to take shorter walks (especially if pushing 50+ lbs of stroller and Sophia) and swims. I don't remember needing to take it easy so often when I was pregnant with Sophia, but then again, I wasn't chasing after a toddler back then.

For the most part, I'm focusing on enjoying my last couple months of being a mommy to only one kiddo. Never again will I be able to spend this much one-on-one time with Sophia. I don't want to overdo it though, since it might make for an even harder adjustment when Cassidy arrives. There is a balance between the role of playmate and letting her do her own thing (which she's getting better at). And I have to say thank goodness for Dora and Caillou DVD's. Otherwise I'd never get a nap!

28.75 Weeks


Yay!! Belly!! I don't think we had the crib, etc. set up for Claire until maybe a week before her due date. In fact, I only had a couple of baby outfits around and in a panic I ran out to the store and bought a weeks worth of onesies and socks. Good that'll hold us! I didn't even call the diaper service until she had been home a week. How our perspectives change so quickly with number #2! It's a breeze! Just get those relaxation techniques qued up and you're all set!

You and Cassidy look great!

Fabulous my dear! Keep up the good work and pace yourself!


I was excited to find your site today! My husband has Crohn's and we've been SCD for a few days shy of a year. I haven't found many real live people who follow the SCD with whom to communicate!

What I thought was even better is that we are living near Lansing, Michigan and have relatives in A2.

So, hello!

You look fantastic!!!!! I'm so glad scd is doing so well for you.



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