A New Potty

OK, so last time I posted about this topic, I was taking a break from the potty thing. Here's how it's been going. Sophia's been wearing diapers or pullups for the past few days. I haven't been mentioning the potty at all (good mommy). Sophia has been telling us for the most part when she needs to go #2 and then doing it in the potty. Yay! She's been content to pee in her diaper and not tell us, which is fine except for the diaper rash problem we're encountering. She's started telling us that she doesn't want to wear diapers or pullups, probably because of the rash. I told her that she needs to let us know when she has peed so we can change her sooner.

And she's still role-playing about the potty CONSTANTLY. Yesterday, Sophia made a pretend port-a-potty out of pillows from the couch and then pulled down her diaper and peed on the floor of her pretend potty (my rug). I can't take my eyes off her for a second! She had a time-out for that one, since it was clearly NOT an accident. Afterwards, she started talking about wanting a "little" potty like the one in the potty training DVD we had watched a few weeks ago. Up until now, we've just used a potty ring on the regular toilet. I asked her if she would go on a little potty if we got one, and she said yes. So, what the heck, if it's a decision between forking out $15 for a little potty or her peeing on pretend little potties all over the house, I thought it might be worth a try (getting desperate).

This morning, we hustled over to Meijer and picked one out. She decided on the Fisher-Price Royal Potty Step Stool. It has a sensor in the potty bowl that plays short regal tunes whenever the kid pees. (Although, it sometimes plays tunes randomly, which is a little odd. I tell Sophia it's a "Yay for the potty" song when that occurs.) From the moment we got home, she wanted to go on her new potty over and over. In fact, she peed in it 5 times today, did a few #2's, and only had one accident. And the only time I reminded her to go was before a long outing to a park that doesn't have a potty. Otherwise, it was all her own initiative. Every time the pot played a tune for her, she literally shook with joy. And she kept saying, "I love my little potty. It plays music!"

In my book, today has been a very good day. We shall soon see if this new contraption is a passing fad or a really great motiviational tactic. For now, it seems like a step in the right direction. Hmmmm...when I said I was taking a break, I thought it would be for longer than a few days. But I'm finding that this issue is soooo not black and white.


Now that's what I call a "throne"!

Beth is so right! I love this!! Thanks for the giggle!

i want my potty to play music when i use it! i laughed so hard at the thought!



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