Sophia: "Mommy, what is Thanksgiving?"

Me: "It's a special day when we get together with the people we love and think about all the things we are thankful for."

Sophia: "What does 'thankful' mean?"

Me: "It means being really happy that you have something. Like, I'm thankful for you and Daddy and that baby Cassidy will be born soon. Oh, and that I've had a good pregnancy. What are you thankful for, Sophia?"

Sophia: "I'm thankful for candy."

Me (trying not to laugh): "Yeah, candy is good. Anything else?"

Sophia: "Pinky Bear." (She gives her favorite teddy bear a squeeze.)

When you're 2 1/2, you tell it like it is.


Amen sister! Is there any other way?

I'm thankful that I'll be seeing you all today! Wishing you safe, relatively comfortable (Amy esp.) travel.

I love this story. I have been telling it to everyone I see today.



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