Angel Baby

Cassidy is such a peaceful, quiet baby—you could almost forget she's here. (Aren't newborns supposed to be cranky and fretful and never-sleeping?) She cries very little, and only gets really worked up in these three instances: when she's extremely hungry, when she's getting her diaper changed, or when she's working up to a burp or a fart. So, that doesn't amount to very much wailing, and I seem to remember Sophia crying A LOT. Baby Cassidy sleeps for most of the day. And for most of the night. In fact, she knows how to fall asleep on her own without having to be nursed or rocked into a coma. Sophia didn't figure that out until she was much older. I know, I shouldn't compare my two girls so much, but it's hard not to—I'm in awe of how much easier this is the second time around. My recovery from the birthing experience has been much quicker too. Other than a little sleep deprivation, I'm feeling great. So much better than the swollen, aching, exhausting final weeks of pregnancy.

Sophia is adjusting VERY well to being a big sister. She loves to help out with diaper changes and baths and the like. This afternoon while I was doing the dishes, Cassidy started squirming a bit in her swing. Sophia got up from the couch to rock the swing and comfort her, right in the middle of her favorite Dora The Explorer episode. Now that's true devotion if you ask me. With all the recent visitors and Christmas presents, Sophia's been getting plenty of attention. I'm just hoping things will continue to go smoothly when the holiday season is over.

Here are some new photos of our little munchkin.


Beautiful post, beautiful baby, beautiful family. So glad that things are going so well for you all.

Your Mom, Sara, Samra, Medra and I are looking at your BEAUTIFUL photos!!! What a gorgeous new member of the McKenna Family! Can't wait to meet her. Everyone says HELLO!!!

How truly precious. Great job with the pictures Stephen! I just know Sophia will be the best big sister. I am so glad that you are having an "easier" time of things. You deserve it! I will be thinking positive thoughts for you to get more R & R.


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