It's almost 12 hours after the birth and I'm writing this in the mother/baby unit as both Amy and Cassidy are sleeping soundly. Both are doing great and in good health. The labor was a little longer and more difficult than with Sophia, but everything went extremely well and Amy had very minimal tearing this time. Cassidy is a very peaceful and is acclimating well to her new world. I can already tell that she has her own distinct personality from her sister. Sophia is a real sweet heart and is loving her baby sister. We are all overjoyed with how well everything has gone.

Welcome home Cassidy. We love you.


  • Weight: 8lb, 6oz
  • Height: 20.5 in.
  • DOB: 12/20/2007, 12:41pm


Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. She looks beautiful and what a healthy weight. Hope your holidays are extremely blessed as you are now a family of four!
God Bless,

Yay! Congrats to you!
Glad things went well... can't wait to meet you Cassidy!

Welcome to the world, Cassidy! :) Congrats, Stephen & Amy & Sophia...what a wonderful gift. Enjoy your very special holiday arrival.
Love always,
Andy, Leslie,
Nicholas & Caitlin

How wonderful, Amy!

Thank Cassidy for sharing you with us through the end of the class series. I have passed the news on to the rest of the class.

I look forward to seeing you and meeting her in the new year!

With fondest wishes,

P.S. You gave birth on the SAME day -just a few hours before - my friend Sarah. Her baby, Cecilia was 10lbs 5oz, I believe.

Wow, how exciting! We are SOOOO happy for you guys and are thinking of you during the holidays! Blessings!

Congratulations to all of you!
Happy birthday Cassidy!

Congrats to the whole family! How exciting to welcome a new family member. Good luck ;)and sending you many more wonderful blessings to come.

Love, Holly

Hi Amy!!!!

I know I am a bit late in saying this, but........


I miss you and think about you and am always so happy to hear you are doing well!

Love and hugs,

Miss you much,




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