Yummy Chubbers

A few out-of-town family members have requested a current photo of The Cass, since the Daily Dose is backlogged with month-old goods. Here are pictures from 1/19 and 1/23. She's getting cheeks!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am no longer crying into my pillow for lack of a current picture. Clearly,"The Cass" is loving life and not suffering any lack of nutrition!

Oh, she's so cute! Alert and smiling. Thanks for the recent pictures.

Aw. I hope you pinch those cheeks to death like you did mine! One day when she's a little older, we can go to therapy together... ;-) She's a beauty!

My voice just raised an octave and the dog is looking at me funny.

"What a cute baby!"

Oh, my!! She is the CUTEST MUNCHKIN EVER! (Except 12 years ago when Gideon was a munchkin...)

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