The Perfect Name

At a family dinner this past weekend, a relative presented Sophia with her first Barbie Doll as a big sister gift. It was a "bride" Barbie decked out in a glittery white dress, flowing veil, high-heel shoes, and plastic bouquet of roses. Sophia immediately took all the clothes and accessories off the doll and then proceeded to choose a name for her naked semi-buxom doll (the new Barbies are probably a B-cup, not the DD of my generation). The name she selected was: "Bimbo."


that's funny! i think she picked the right name... so glad to hear that Bimbo's cup size is a more accurate reflection of real life now.

I just laughed out loud! That was awesome... and so very appropriate.

1 Barbie = $22.99

1 Book of Baby Names = $16.00

1 toddler to do the naming - Priceless


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