Allison Willis

Allison Willis

I think Valentine's Day is an appropriate day for me to enact revenge on my sister for posting this photo of me on her website.

Here's a little background on my sister's development as a stalker. About 20 years ago, when Allison was in high school, she had a crush on a celebrity. Much like any teenage girl. I believe it was around the time the movie "Die Hard" came out. It was the film that made Bruce Willis as an actor and likely the spark that captured the pitter and patter of my sister's heart. This being the pre-photoshop days, she was forced to use more crude methods. She cut up Demi Moore's face (that bitch!) and pasted in one of her school pictures.

Don't you think they would have made a lovely couple?

Correction: Looks like my prepubescent memory wasn't accurate. Allison commented saying that her infatuation with Bruce Willis predated "Die Hard", starting with his mid-Moonlighting period. The woman she cutup in the photo is actually Kim Basinger from a photo shoot related to "Blind Date".


OH MY GOD! Did you have to make it so big? Shit. This is WAY more embarrassing than the Tank Commander!

I think this was actually pre-Die Hard and mid-Moonlighting stage. I also think this was pre-Demi and a photo with Kim Basinger... for some movie...Just checked imdb...Blind Date--1987. You know if you're going for revenge let's be accurate about the details. :-)

Love you too...well played.

OMG...that's too funny! My brother and I just tortured each other...


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