Natatorium Shenanigans

With my increased interest in swimming this winter I've begun dragging the family to my masters swim meets, as well as several of the University of Michigan meets. Mostly I just take Sophia with me to the UofM meets to give Amy a short break and to give Sophia some one-on-one time.

It's hard to judge whether she enjoys it. Whenever I tell her we're going to a swim meet she gets very excited, though she is hesitant because she doesn't like how loud the gun shots are during the long events. The first time we went she was covering her ears for most of the meet because she was afraid of the noise. She's getting better about it though. Especially if I warn her just before the gun goes off. Aside from that, she tends to struggle with boredom from sitting around for too long. If she could, she would spend the entire time running around in the hallways half naked.

I'm trying to plant the seed early that physical activity is important. I know it's too early to tell what effect this will have on Sophia, but it's encouraging to hear her say that she wants to "do that" when she's older.



Great vid of the kid!

And I am a new Vimeo believer.

LOL! I absolutely loved it. Especially love the fading of the song as the skater rolls by the window.

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