Preschool Fun

Sophia's first week of preschool has been great. She really, REALLY likes it and seems to have developed a bond with her two teachers and a couple of her classmates (there are 12 kids in total).

For the first two days, all of the parents stayed with their kids for the 2.5 hour morning, but today after "Greeting Time" we retreated to the lobby and gave our kids some space. It was a wonderful success. In fact, when I went to check on Sophia later in the morning, she did NOT want me there. "Go away, Mommy!" Music to my ears. At the end of the morning, she was proud of herself and happy to tell me all about her fun day.

My mom was here this week to hang out with Cassidy while I preschooled with Sophia. I think Cassidy has a new best buddy! Thanks for all your help with this transition, Grandma Beth. We'll miss you until next time.

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Way to go, Sophia! THat's awesome news :) We're proud of you!

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