Ready, Steady, Go!

On Tuesday Sophia starts preschool at Allen Creek. Aside from the weekly ballet class she took this summer, this is the first big thing Sophia will do without Mommy or Daddy. A few weeks ago, she had told me she was scared about preschool and didn't want to be away from me during the day. But after our visit to meet her teachers a couple days ago, Sophia informs me that she doesn't want me to stay with her during the first week as we'd planned. We'll see about that. Mommy might NEED to stay with you for at least the first day!

I am so excited for Sophia, and also a little emotional that my girl is getting her first set of wings. I know she's ready for it. She knows she's ready for it. And Cassidy is totally ready to play with all of Sophia's toys while she's not looking!

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