Sophia has been learning lots of new songs at preschool and loves to sing them over and over again. I finally got some good video recordings of her super silly cuteness two Saturdays ago while heading home from a family outing to the grocery store.

In stark contrast to the lightheartedness of our 3.5 year old's serenade...these videos of Sophia were filmed moments before we pulled into our driveway to find that our kitchen window had been smashed with a rock, and someone had gotten away with our large flatscreen TV, laptop, Wii, and Xbox 360 (and our sense of security and trust in humankind). One of the worst parts about it was cleaning up the window glass covering every square inch of the kitchen. Not my idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. Why oh why can't everyone just think back on preschool, sing silly songs about green freckled frogs, and remember that there's a big difference between "sharing" and "stealing"?


I love these! Who new that the alphabet has the letter "kel" in it?! I also love the hand movements and the fact the "freckled" closely resembles a not so appropriate word when sung by a 4 year old. :-)

Hi Amy- I am so sorry to hear about your recent break-in. I was lamenting the loss of all of those great electronics and then I watched the videos of Sophia and it helped me remember what is really important. I am glad you are all safe and sound and, of course, thoroughly entertained my your new singer!

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