Several months ago, Sophia informed us that she wanted to be a pirate for Halloween. Most of Sophia's 3-year-old girlfriends were going as princesses or fairies, so I got a lot of questions about how Sophia had made her costume selection. I believe her pirate obsession began last year when she watched a DVD about "Madeline and the Pirates," and then there was that "Max & Ruby" episode where Max was playing pirates. Ever since, she's been "hooked" (I just couldn't resist the pun).

Cassidy did NOT choose to dress up and was somewhat disgruntled when I stuffed her into a hot, yellow, fluffy bundle of cuteness. We weren't sure if her costume was a duck or a chick—the top half had a very duck-like bill, but the bottom half didn't have webbed feet. Chick? Duck? We decided she was either a "chuck" or a "dick," and for obvious reasons we went with "chuck."

cat lady and obama pumpkin
Pirate Sophia pilfering candy from the Cat Lady. Check out the totally rad Obama pumpkin.

two pirates
Pirate Sophia & Pirate Pumpkin

trick or treaters
Liam, Sophia, & Kaitlin eating their loot.

pirate and chuck
Pirate Sophia & Cassidy the "Chuck"


So much cuteness I can't even take it. Did Sophia see my pirate ship pumpkin that I carved? I'll send a pic!

Hi Amy,

Just found your blog on a search of "scd diet + breastfeeding" on google. I'm inspired by your story. I have ulcerative colitis and have been flaring on and off since I was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago. I flared throughout my pregnancy, was hospitalized for a week, and then gave birth 7 weeks early after a placental abruption. Anyways, my daughter is 8 months old and healthy as can be, but I am still flaring. I'm thinking of trying the SCD diet, but not sure I'll get all the calories/nutrients required to keep breastfeeding. Are you still breast feeding Cassidy? Had you talked to your doctors about this at all? Thanks for any help you could offer.

Sincerely, Audra



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