Cassidy started saying "mama" this week! When she says it, she sticks her lower lip under her top teeth, which makes her look like a little bunny rabbit. Although Cassidy doesn't have many understandable words at 15.5 months, she comprehends everything we say and communicates very well with sign language and pointing—she uses the sign for "please" a lot, which is so sweet. And she babbles with speech inflections, and looks at us like we should totally know what she's trying to say.

Cassidy also started saying "juice" yesterday. I had given her chocolate milk in her sippy cup (she doesn't like milk, but I keep trying), and after taking a big swig she looked at the cup in disgust, looked at me, and pleaded, "juuuuice!" The girl knows what she wants!


I get to see you in 3 weeks! That's plenty of time for Cassadilla to learn to say "Sara." Hee hee!

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