Sophia: "Want to see my teeter-totter eyebrows?"
Daddy: "Teeter-totter eyebrows? Sure!"
Sophia: "It goes like this." (She closes one eye and then the other, which makes her eyebrows go up and down in an alternating fashion, kind of like, um, a teeter-totter.)
Daddy: "Cool, Sophia. Where did you learn that?"
Sophia: (In a most serious and important voice) "Oh, I've been doing it for YEARS...even before Cassidy was born."

It was hard to hold back our giggles. Fortunately, Sophia was in just the right kind of mood to giggle along with us.

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Hi, Im sorry to barge in on your blog! I have been looking everywhere for information about Ragazzi cribs and found your post from Dec 2004 (I think thats the year...). Your husband posted about how complicated it was to put together and I have to say, Im dreading it myself. We dont even have screws or other parts and its a scary thought to spend all day doing it! I was wondering if you would be willing to (by any chance) share your crib instructions with us. I got this crib for my second baby on Freecycle and it has no screws or instructions. I figured I'd give it a go because at this point we don't have much money to buy another crib (our first is just 9 months old)! If you could help I would be so thankful!!! Thanks for considering!!

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