When The Cat's Away...
Dim Sum With The Wongs
Preschool Fun
Ready, Steady, Go!
Buying Groceries With Sophia
SCD Peanut Butter Brownies
Gimme A "P-" Gimme an "O-" Gimme a "T-T-Y!"
2008 Michigan Masters State Swim Meet
Happy 3 on March 14!
Better Than A Bouncy Seat
Yummy New SCD Cookbook
Natatorium Shenanigans
SCD Chicken Cordon Bleu
Allison Willis
Going Against The Grain
Mighty Vitamins
Happy SCD Anniversary!
Yummy Chubbers
The Perfect Name
Angel Baby
She's A Keeper
Introducing Cassidy May McKenna
Cassidy's Bedroom
Feeling Ready
Hidey Ho!
West Bloomfield Swim Meet
Swimming Season
28.75-Week Pregnancy Update
Potty Magic
A New Potty
SCD Pumpkin Muffins
Potty Un-Training
Potty Training, A Year (Or So) In Review
IMoo - The Run
IMoo - The Bike
IMoo - The Swim
Ironman Wisconsin Planning & Itinerary
It's A...
2007 Steelhead 70.3 Triathlon
Steelhead Race Plan
SCD Lemon Poppyseed Muffins
Summer Vacation
SCD Pregnancy Tips
Grand Haven Triathlon 2007
A Berry Good Day
Maumee Bay Triathlon
Three Down, Six To Go
A2 Tri 07 Race Report
We'll Be Home For Christmas
Our New Odyssey
Not Thinking About My Gut
Magical March 14th
Hip Check
Ironman Training - 2 Months In
Debunking Rebalancing
Death From Below
To Super Size Or Not
Bradley Toddlers, 19-Month Reunion
Happy Halloween
Detroit Marathon
Ironman Wisconsin 2007 Starts Now
Frenchtown Triathlon
Joining The Arms Race
Coldwater Mini Triathlon
A Cork In Her Whine
Sylvania Triathlon
New Hotness
Grand Haven Triathlon
Motor City Triathlon
Toddler Alert!
The Naked Gun
Funky 'Do
Ann Arbor Triathlon 2006
Dare to DAAR
Race Schedule
Old Lady Pickup Lines
Marathoner In Training
Happy First Birthday, Sophia!
Bradley Babies, 12 Month Reunion
Sophia Takes A Stand
Pooshi Has Gone To A Better Place
Going To Hell For Christmas
Oh, Wheeeere Is My Hairbrush?
Scored a Xbox 360
A Dingell Jingle
Bradley Babies, 9 Month Reunion
Xbox 360 Launch
Hello Tooth!
Adobe Rant
Note To Self...
Hidden Poetry
Bradley Babies, 6 Month Reunion
War On God
Rice Is Nice
Alice In Wonderland
You Don't Have To Be A Rocket Scientist
Bradley Babies, Spring 2005
1 Hour Photo
Man in Tights
The Illusion of Design
Gimme an S-, gimme an L-, gimme an E-E-P
The New Obsession
I've Got a Star Child Chillin' In My House... My House
Watch For Potholes
Spring Cleaning
Complete Fixation on All Things Baby
Sophia Lane McKenna
Amy's Metaphorical Water Breaks
Liberty Lofts - For BMW Owners With Money to Burn
BellyVision: Season Finale
Confessions of an Ever-So-Slightly Obsessed Mommy-To-Be
A Little Birdie Told Me
I Will Miss You Too
The 28 Weeks of Buttonhood
Benjamin and Lamby in da Crib
Camera Crazy
Picture Perfect
The Baby Report
Now It Feels Real
Apple, Just Give Me My G5
The Skinny on Whole Foods Market
And Now For Something Completely Different
Put Ray Charles on the $10 Bill
Not the Half of It
Guide to Grooming
The Challenge
Open Comment to
Putting the PC in PepsiCo
Your Walls Are Purple
Rare Press Conference with Bush
Are You Ready For High Impact Aerobics?!?
Movin' Momma
Trunk Monkey
Fan-Tastic Mirra
Awe Sheet
The New "Project"
Shorting Losers
Victory for Internet Free Speech
San Francisco Treat
Nadar for Bush
Be a Winner, Always
iChat Plays Nice With Windows
New G.I.Joe PSAs
iTunes Music Store RSS Feed Generator
Warm Thoughts
The Spice
Vote in the Michigan Democratic Caucus
Spam it Up
Subaru at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show
Impeach Bush Now!
Super Karate Monkey Death Car
What you can do with an iSight
Sexy time
Just Charge my RepubliCard
Why Eyebrows Are Important
Miss the World
Ultimate Computer Game
Do You Know Where Your Pollution Is?
New Office
Turkey Trot (10K run)
Icon Madness
WRX Mods
Deep Vacuum
The Long and Short of It
Shopping Spree
The Death of Flash Mobs
Big Mac
iTunes for Windows
I've Become Obsolete
Cheney's Halloween Costume
Korean Perspective
Fueling the Future
Freeware Rules
Lands "cape" End
Planting Update
Whistle While You Work
RSS Your Riots
Moving Plants and Earth
Photo Bug
Reselling AAC files from Apple's Music Store
Switch to Dean
iPod prep
The Baby's Back!
Back To You...
Pacific Rim by Kana
Batchelor Life - Day 3
In Search of J-pop
ISSN application
G.I.Joe (Mr. Body Massage)
The Death of Ice Cream
Power to the People
Ann Arbor Cars
Southward Return
Northward Bound
A Day at the Zoo
Japanese Fan Club
Olivia Rose Rasche
Netscape is Dead. Long live Mozilla.
Seven Samurai
New Site Design
The Cult of Zeldman
New Grill - Weber Q
Hair Color Hmmm...
Test Entry (where the weird gets crazy)

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Stephen's 2008 Race Schedule

Date Events Location
2/10 swim meet Brighton
2/17 swim meet Grand Haven
3/2 swim meet West Bloomfield
3/16 swim meet Milford
3/30 YMCA Indoor Tri Ann Arbor
4/5 10k Martian Meteor
4/18 - 4/20 1650 free,
1000 free,
500 free,
200 free,
100 free,
200 IM,
100 IM
State meet @ EMU
5/4 10k Burns Park Run
6/1 Half Mary Dexter/A2
6/8 Sprint A2 Tri
7/13 Sprint Waterloo
8/2 Half IM Steelhead